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We are a non-profit, volunteer run organization made up of men and women who care for, and are invested in the beautiful neighborhood of Point Breeze North.

If you live here or own property here, we encourage you to become a member, make an impact, and stay connected.


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A little history.

Point Breeze North received its name from the Point Breeze Hotel, which was located along the Greensburg Turnpike during the early 1800s. This area is now the intersection of Fifth and Penn Avenue.

McPherson and Thomas, the major streets, emulate French boulevards, with wide, divided roads, floral islands, and a mixture of apartments and mansions.  It remains as it was then: an area of distinctive and mixed historical styles, from Civil War row houses to 1920s villas, to Victorian gingerbread homes.  Westinghouse Park derived its name from the Westinghouse mansion that was in North Point Breeze since its beginning. Want to dive deeper into the history? Click here for an in-depth PDF.

westinghouse park.png
Historic Westinghouse Mansion

Historic Westinghouse Mansion