PBNDC Community Meeting, Lexington Community Engagement Agreement Review - 7-8:30pm

Agenda includes: review of the final draft of an internally, community-written Community Engagement Agreement for development of the Lexington Technology Park Site.


The URA has approved to move forward into the due diligence period with the Lexington Partners of Pittsburgh (Icon and KBK) as the developers for the Lexington Technology Park development. Our next steps during this due diligence period will be to create a Community Engagement Agreement with the developer which will need to be in place prior to the developer advancing to further due diligence phases with the URA.  This document will outline a mutually agreed upon Engagement Agreement between the developer and PBNDC.  The document will outline engagement expectations with the community through the design and construction process.   

We will be presenting the final draft of the agreement to the community at this Community Meeting on Monday Dec. 3rd (7:00pm – 8:30pm / Westinghouse Park Shelter) before it is submitted to the URA on Dec 10th.   If you don’t have time to be a participant in the creation of the document, please join us at this meeting to review the final draft. 

To learn more about the Lexington Technology Park development (behind Construction Junction) please see the URA's dedicated website.